Smudge Ball™ Smart Cat Toy
Smudge Ball™ Smart Cat Toy
Smudge Ball™ Smart Cat Toy
Smudge Ball™ Smart Cat Toy
Smudge Ball™ Smart Cat Toy

Smudge Ball™ Smart Cat Toy

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We know that house pets are generally attracted to balls.

Rolling a ball across the floor is highly similar to the scampering movement made by prey animals.

This then triggers your pet’s predator tendencies and they will run after the ball.

SmudgeBall™ is perfect if you want to try to stimulate them and help evoke their natural instincts and give them a much needed physical exercise.


I hear humans love cats. I'm not sure why - they seem very scary to me so I just keep running away from them until I'm sleepy and tired. 



Sometimes humans put some catnip inside me and cats want to catch me even more, they literally go mad! So I have to use every trick in the book. I jump, run, spin and sprint around the room. It's like I'm a mouse and not a bit of circuitry enclosed in a hard shell. 


• ...BUT I CAN SEE! 

Anyway, I need to thank the human who made me for giving me situational awareness so that I don't keep banging around and getting stuck all the time. Cats are smart, so I need to be smarter than them! 



One time I ended up in a huge water bowl. I think cats come there often and lick the water for some reason. I'm not sure why - water is bad for your circuits, but thank god I can survive a splash or two. They keep telling me to stay away from the water though if it ends up penetrating my skin - I'm toast. Literally. 


™ DO?


We love to play with our cats. That being said - cats can play around for hours and they seldom get bored of it.

SmudgeBall™ doesn't need to go to work, doesn't need to eat or rest after a long day - it just needs a recharge from time to time and it'll keep going for days!


Domestic cats, unlike their wild cousins, don't see a lot of action inside a cozy home where they have all of the food they need, and cuddles for days. 

This can lead to them becoming lazy and negatively impact their mood and their weight - further affecting their health negatively. 

SmudgeBall™ solves this problem in a fun and engaging way!



1x SmudgeBall
1x Instruction manual
1x USB A to USB B charging cable




Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cat is Intrigued -- But I have a question about the light?

We just received this toy, and it caused my cat to leave her comfy cat tree to figure out what this "strange" toy could be. I think it will continue to entertain her. I do have a question about the light inside. Is it a standard LED light, or is it a laser? I would really like to know.


I adopted a 4-month old kitty just a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted her to stay active and "sharp" so I got her this ball to chase around the house. Boy it's everything described and much more. It's like the fun never stops and the kitty sleeps like a real baby when she gets tired. I can see that she's happy and fulfilled and that makes me even happier!

I sh*t you not, my cat lost 4 pounds in one month

I own a male Persian. They're lazy by nature, but my Max was getting lazier and lazier while getting fatter and fatter. By the time I noticed that he was getting chubby he was already weighing like 15 pounds. A vet recommended the smudgeball to me and I ordered it right away. Max loves catnip, so as soon as I put catnip in the hidden holder - the game was on. Best thing is that he never gets bored (at least for 3 months straight) and in the first month he lost 4 pounds. I saw that my vet started selling these, but they're cheaper directly from Kings Paw, and the shipping is snappy too

I've ordered the pink one

for my cat, and it arrived pretty quickly! It's packaged well, easy to use and the cat loves it more than I believed it would. Best thing about it is that you turn it on and leave it be when you need to go out. Ball will automatically run from the cat, and when the cat gets bored (yet to see that happen) - it will shut down and turn on again when the cat starts pushing it around. Awesome toy, I'm getting a new kitty from the shelter tomorrow, I'm going to grab another one just in case!

I own a cat hotel in Illinois

and I ordered 6 of these for my guests to play with. I'm a veterinarian and sometimes I get cats that are obscenely overweight or on they're way to become overweight due to lack of physical activity. This solves a huge problem because sometimes I simply don't have enough time to personally play with every cat, but now I've found a solution - I put all overweight cats in one room and turn on a couple of these balls (and make sure to put catnip in as well) - and by the time they're done with their stay I sit down with the owners and show them what was done and how they should tend to their cats better.

Now I'm ordering a wholesale batch - I'm going to give these away for free to every overweight guest I have, and I'm so happy that I found it!

Only 1 downside - Now I have so many videos in my phone

of my cats chasing this damn ball around the house, my iCloud memory got filled up overnight. It's INSANE what they do. I've never seen them run and jump like this - it's like they became tigers, not kitty cats lol

I love it, they love it, and it's great fun when you have friends over - turn it on and you've got your own Cat Fails compilation live

Catnip holder is the best thing ever on this toy!

my cats are lazy, and I usually throw money away on toys that they don't even bother chasing or playing with (and I'm a bit lazy to chase them sometimes) so when I saw that this has catnip holder included, I ordered right away. I know they're crazy for it, and honestly I was not disappointed. You just unscrew the toy (like when you want to recharge it) and there's a small holder to put catnip in it. That along with the ball constantly jumping and running - my cats are actually not as lazy as they were and I think they even stopped sleeping and dragging themselves around the house all day long! not sure about the health benefits, but I'm sure that cats do need to be more active (than sleep 18hrs/day)

I had my doubts, but Minty loves it!

I was scared that the ball would actually scare Minty away, but as soon as I turned the ball on - Minty was jumping and running from corner to corner like crazy, so it turns out I had nothing to worry about!